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Public Relations


  Public Relations

One way that you can really create a strong brand - based on strong brand values, is by using a range of public relation strategies.

From Media Releases, Sponsorships or other PR methods, we have people who can manage and assist these types of programs.

Lauches of direction, of policy and product can all be organised to get much needed media and other networking opportunities.



Over the years we have found that entering and winning awards have assisted in both developing the business but also we as individuals.

Showing to the world those brand values that potential customers and other stake holder get to know and understand.



In the past the Head Gardener Tony Park have used sponsorship with many for profit and not for profit organisations, that have added brand values to their brand.

This is an easy method to promote your business to a range of stake holders and more importunately, to promote those personal brand values that under pin any brand.