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Hi my friends,

We have a range of programs that we can conduct with you, depending on your level of need and expectation.

All my past experiences in a range of sectors and real time activities are available to you.

I have a huge arsenal of successes - but also in many ways uniquely some failures as well, that you can take advantage of so you can learn from all of them.

Some are focussed on allowing you to work on your business, but also some are available for you personally.

As an International Accredited Life and Business Coach, we can work together to determine what you want in life and business and then plan for you to get it.

Eureka is a proven and effective first step for any current owner who thinks that their business is under performing for your goals.

See what programs you wish to avail yourself off and get your own Eureka moment soon.

Check out the menu of offerings from the Business Gardener,           more...

Tony Park

Head Gardener







 Phone 0417 495 258.

Or catch me on Linkedin or Facebook.


We have a menu compiled from skills and knowledge of the Head Gardener Tony Park, but also a range of inputs from many other Gardens and Gardeners as well.

These are also leaders in their fields and have come together to assist you to develop your business and life.

Some programs allow you to work on your business, assist you to understand where you are at and a plan to change those things that need to change.

Some will assist you to work in the business, an effective business plan, OHS, capital raising and exit strategies to name a few.

All are designed for you to manage or engage Tony and his team to assist you to stand behind or with you as you develop your business.

And remember

We will help you to grow your business.