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Eureka Stage 1

Audit of current Business to understand

where you are at.


Eureka Stage 2

Action Plan based on the Audit in stage 1

initially as a draft, then confirmed through

discussion.   PRICE



A business map for your business and your personal future.

Business plan including marketing, sales and development

plans with key steps.      PRICE


Finance and Raising Capital

You have a plan - now you need funds to make it happen.


Web and other IT

Developing business in the 21st century

you will need specific IT to make it happen


Public Relations

A range of cost effective programs to

assist the development of your Brand.



The seemingly pointy end of most businesses, we show you

processes to be relevant to you business plan.


Marketing and Advertising

Let me help you save money on advertising by more

effective marketing and sponsorship.



Critical for exchange of ideas nd influence

of your business sector.


Safety Audits etc...

OHand S and Site Audits to check for

any possible challenges to your business


Your Life -

Your business is not your life and you need strategies

for your personal goals and to be able to measure where

you are going


What is your exit strategy.

You should start with this - how can you climb a mountain

without being able to see the mountain to start with.


Coaching and Training

An International accredited business and personal coach,

certificate iv in accreditation and earning, with a range of online

training programs.


Quantitate research and reporting

A range of tools, to assist business and organisations in

quantitate research and reports.


Social Networking for Business

marketing plans and digital marketing strategies and operations

that will guarantee to increase your exposure to the world.


Service Marketing and Audits

We can organise a range of surveys using ServQual

to investigate service gaps in your service business

or organisation.

Leadership and Change   Qualitative research        

See what we can do to empower teams and leadership to

cement the organisations vision and cuture change.


A range of tools that will assist reporting from your

qualitative numerical surveys and information