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Gardening Notes


Bigger is not always better   

Over my time in owning and manageing business across a large numberof sectors - Big and small, I have fallen into a trap of many business owners that size is everything. More ...


How to Make a long Term Business

Q: How do I build a business that will last for decades?

A: With very few exceptions, the answer to this question is the same for any small business, whether it's looking to cash out in 50 months or 50 years. And it's not really about costs; it's about the structure of the business. Costs will flow naturally and efficiently out of a sound structure. More .....

Presentation ideas

We’ve all been there before: staring at the glow of your blank computer screen with no idea on how to open or start your talk. It’s time to get unstuck. Here are 5 powerful ways to open a presentation:                                      MORE ......

Staying Positive in business

Business is the same, you think you have done all the right things to make your business successful and you now have to wait to see if it will - at times its hard to be positive.

More .....      


Life is a game

Life is a game that has only 1 round and to complete it you need a balance in your life so you can compolete the game that you want to play. 


Dont forget to weed

So you have prepared your garden, looked at why you want to grow things, and even planted the seeds for the crop you are after and the shoots have started to come through -

 now don't forget to weed.


If it is to be - it is up to me.

You are the owner, you are the leader and the buck stops with you. It is scary but its all part of the role as the leader in your business. You don't have to be alone.


Money is not everything

Research has shown that money is not the main motivator for your team members, we have 9 more relevant methods to motivate your most valuable assett - your people.

More ....

Its lonely being in business

When the buck stops with you and you have to lose sleep to try to fix things in your business and you spend all your tine IN the business, rather than ON the business, then you need a mentor.

More...          .

Learn from mistakes of others

33 start up companies that failed, share their mistakes with us. Its fine to learn from successes, however I find that you can learn more from mistakes - and best if its others and not yours.

More .....      

Control - What control