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The Sales Equation



  Sales equation

Sales has been seen by many to be the main reason for engaging a business consultant.

However, without the reason for buying and why you want to be in business, then this is just a process.

So the process of sales for sales sake, not reviewed to make sure you are making the profit or outcome expected by the plan, is just a waste of time and resources.

Discover - what to sell

Evaluate - how will it sell

Process of purchase - in store, online etc...

After sale support - to create a new sale

Is an equation to make your business successful through sales.


The training process has a module of "Old Fart-itus" that has a process of Unlearning and New Learning to give confidence on systems to increase sales

But relevant sales for the outcomes base don the business plan and exit strategy.



Sales does become the pointy bit of the business and needs an ongoing review to ensure it stays relevant to the outcomes of the business.

We offer an ongoing review on a monthly basis to assist to ensure sales continue to be relevant tot he business.