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Exit Strategy



  Start with the end in Mind

Its important that you have an idea if you want and what Exit Strategy you may wish in the future.

This should be part of the Vision you have for your business but also your life.

It helps to then see if you are on track, on the right path for the strategy you may have.

It may be fluid and will change as the business goes through its different phases, however you need to be on top of these changes, to ensure if you are on track.

There are a range of strategies for a possible ;

  • Sale
  • Ongoing operation and succession planning
  • Family Business Succession Planning
  • IPO Listing on ASX

Its important to understand what you are aiming for as its easy just to meander along until problems occur and it all comes tumbling down.

Let me help you in this program that should be the number one unit, before you see what product or service may be the tool to get to your goal.

Tony Park

Head Gardener.